Timeless clothing for quality conscious men

With the combination of Scandinavian simplicity, clean lines, supreme craftsmanship and the right colors, BROK and HOSE are timeless classics for every occasion.


The history of Brok Hose started back in 2016, in the beautiful city of Trondheim, located in the middle of Norway. Surrounded by beautiful Norwegian landscape, two friends Frank and Frantz grew passionate about clothing, especially underwear.

Their drawers were packed with boxers and socks, but still- they never felt that they had that special one that fit every occasion. Their wardrobe had big and flashy logos or garish colours and patterns but they wanted something more simple and elegant that still felt comfortable.

Something that looked good while getting dressed, and that felt just as good at work, in the gym, at a party or in the outdoors. They figured, if they were ever going to have this kind of underwear- they would have to make them themselves. So they put their heads together and got to work.

And this was the beginning of what we today know as Brok Hose.